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All signs and designs are the sole property of King B Signs and Wonders. Company agrees that neither it, nor its assigns, shall duplicate, copy, damage, alter, or modify the work without prior written approval of King B Signs & Wonders. In the event Company, or its assigns, decide to destroy the work, it shall offer King B Signs a reasonable opportunity to recover the work at no cost to King B except for an obligation to indemnify the Company for the amount by which the Company's cost of recovery exceeds the costs of the Company's proposed destruction. Company shall include King B Signs & Wonders on all copies of the work herein.

Original artwork, designs, logos or concepts contained on our website are the COPYRIGHT property of King B Signs & Wonders and may not be re-transmitted to other parties. All creative designs remains the property of King B Signs & Wonders and may not be used for other purposes. Any misuse of the copyright laws may result in legal action and additional use fees. All Rights Reserved

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Please note: All signs on the website are listed in inches unless otherwise noted. Please view the brief description that is listed with each sign for the size. Due to the variables common to viewing monitors, our signs may appear slightly taller, wider or smaller than they actually are. Monitor variances may also effect colors slightly.