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King B Signs & Wonders strives to create expressions of the heart which can be proudly displayed for all to see.

Welcome to King B Signs & Wonders. We are a veteran owned and family run business offering truly unique hand painted promotional gift. These gift signs are not mass produced, computer generated copies. Instead, they are the product of our resident sign painter who has over 32 years of experience in the trade. His career has included an impressive repertoire of dynamic signs and artistic images created by hand with real paint and real brushes. That expertise is now being applied to fashion customer specified signs and personalized expressions which can be proudly displayed in homes and businesses.

King B Signs & Wonders excels at creating one-of-a-kind gifts for those who are passionate about collectible vehicles, family pets, vintage advertising, personal hobbies, or iconic images. Our custom signs help communicate to the observer not only who you are, but also your willingness to share your life with others.

King B Signs has produced numerous custom and personalized hand painted gift signs that appeal to everyone - men, women and couples. We have designed many signs that have personal design elements which evoke wonderful emotions and memories. Our specialty is to create a rich sense of warmth and sentimentality by crafting highly personalized designs which can be presented to family or friends for both a keepsake and heirloom gift.

When you purchase your hand painted vintage-style solid wood sign, the sentiment of the design will bring great joy. Our deepest gratification is to see or hear about the response of the recipient. We strive to create expressions of the heart which can be proudly displayed for all to see.

Listed below are just a few applications for King B Signs & Wonders hand painted gift signs:


  • Individual, Group, & Corporate Gifts
  • Garage Art
  • Home Decorating
  • Office Decor
  • Restaurant Decor
  • Anything You Can Imagine!

We received the sign this morning, it was everything I was
wanting and more. I wanted to get away from the computer
style, "sterile lettering", and get to something that looks as
though it could have been lettered 40 or 50 years ago.
Your sign does that. I appreciate your patience in working
with my wife and I with the colors. This was my first sign
with you but I know it isn't going to be my last. I need
the work done, (our new vintage style logo you redesigned),
on my truck doors as well as something for the barn
as soon as it gets finished.

Thanks again, and a great job.
Paul Reynolds,
Crop Duster, Reynolds Aerial Service, LLC,
Mansfield, IL
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